Mammoth75 & Mammoth20 Group Buy

∎ policies have changed significantly recently. Please give it a read.

∎ These are group buy items. They're scheduled to arrive at in August, 2022. These do not ship immediately.

∎ Items in this collection cannot be combined with any other group buy or in-stock items.

∎ You can cancel your order up until the group buy ends. Keep in mind there will be a 4% processing fee deducted from all refunds.

∎ Please place only one order. Add-ons are currently live to add to your cart. Please take your time placing your order to ensure everything looks correct. Multiple orders cannot be combined. If you'd like the option of editing your order later on, please place your order in USD.

∎ You pick the top case color and PCB for the Mammoth75 with Aluminum sandblasted bottom case in the product page.

∎ You pick the top case color and the PCB for the limited edition Mammoth75 through a Google Form linked in the product page after placing the order.

∎ Batteries for the wireless PCBs of both Mammoth75 and Mammoth20 are available in their respective Add-ons page. Please note the batteries can shipped ONLY WITHIN CANADA. 

If you're in the US please visit NotJeff CNC for batteries. 

    Availability & limits:

    Any units purchased the limit listed below will be cancelled and refunded. 4% processing fees will be deducted from the refund.

     Mammoth Variant # of available units Buyer limit per household
    Mammoth75 Alu Sandblasted Bottom Soft limit No limit
    Mammoth75 Alu Mirror PVD Bottom 110 2
    Mammoth75 Brass Mirror PVD Bottom 9 1 (Total, not 1 of each)
    Mammoth75 Brass Sandblasted Bottom 12
    Mammoth20 Soft limit
    No limit

    Add-ons are live now to add to your cart.
    Mammoth75 & Mammoth20 kits will go live at at 11:00 EST on Friday, January 14, 2022.