WS Stabs [In Stock]
WS Stabs [In Stock]
WS Stabs [In Stock]
WS Stabs [In Stock]
WS Stabs [In Stock]
WS Stabs [In Stock]
WS Stabs [In Stock]
Wuque Studio

WS Stabs [In Stock]

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✉️ Can be shipped via lettermail within Canada
✉️ Can be shipped via lettermail within Canada
📌 This is an in-stock item that ships within the standard fulfillment time.
📌 Currently only 1.2mm variants are in stock. They are not compatible with the typical 1.6mm PCBs. See below for more info.

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Introducing WS Stabs - Aurora Series

Wuque Studio has been hard at work for the past several months to design the perfect stabilizers. After many revisions and prototypes, aiming to have stabs that can be easily used for any PCB, WS Stabilizers - Aurora Series was born

Aurora series is specifically designed to match Aurora R2 colorways and its 1.2 mm thin R2 PCBs. However, a 1.6mm version for the standard PCBs in the market were also added as an option

The thin packaging makes it eligible for Lettermail shipping within Canada, starting at just $2.50 CAD.


  • The housing design makes it impossible for wires to pop out since they're installed from the bottom.
  • There are ribs inside the housing to minimize lube from sticking to the stem, causing them to feel sluggish.
  • Comes with PCB mounting pads and Teflon adhesive strips already cut to size to make holee modding easier. You can have a tight fit to minimize rattle without spending a lot of time on it.


The 1.6mm version is for the traditional keyboard PCBs i.e. most of the keyboard PCBs made to date. Most other stabilizers in the market are also made for 1.6mm PCBs.


1.2 mm variants ones are not compatible with traditional 1.6mm PCBs, they're made for the thinner PCBs made popular lately.

These are the perfect stabilizers to use with your Aurora R2 Bodo (default) or Iceland PCBs. You do not need any washers or shims. 

The 1.2mm variants are also perfect for:

  • Vega
  • Jelly Epoch
  • Mr. Suit
  • Mode Sixty Five
  • Thermal
  • Meridian
  • Polaris
  • Fuji75
  • Ginkgo65

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4% of the order total will be kept as processing fee to cover for the transaction costs.

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Yes, if you are in Toronto, ON!

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