Zoom65 Essential Edition

At a glance

The Essential Edition comes with everything that Olivia Edition does, except for keycaps and switches.

It comes with a VIA compatible Bluetooth 5.0 PCB instead of a QMK/VIA wired PCB. It can still be used in wired mode. A battery is included.

There are 80 unique combinations of case colors, knob and weight finishes. Even more if you purchase additional knobs and/or weights. Red and E-yellow knobs are only offered as add-ons.

An internal brass weight is available to purchase as an add-on. It's compatible with all Zoom65 released to date.

Pre-order bonus!

Every Zoom65 Essential Edition Kit in this batch will come with a free Wuque Titanium Switch Puller in a random color (not Prism)

Only applies to full kits. One puller per Essential Edition kit.

Import methods

Zoom65 Essential Edition will be imported from into Canada via two separate shipping methods:

Ocean Freight

Arrives to Canada via a ship. Takes 45-70 days in transit. This is the standard import method used in most keyboard / deskmat group buys. It's much cheaper than Air Express but takes much longer to arrive.

All units ordered via Ocean Freight are scheduled to ship out of Mech.land to customers around mid-August, 2022.

Air Express

Arrives to Canada via a cargo airplane, takes 7-10 days in transit. This import method is very expensive, as such some of the items brought over via Air Express have a markup added to cover the extra expenses

All units ordered via Air Express are scheduled to ship out of Mech.land to customers around mid-June, 2022.

You can choose to go with Ocean Freight if you are not in a hurry and would rather save some money. We recommend you to go with Air Express if you want your items ASAP.


  • You cannot combine Ocean Freight and Air Express items in the same order. Each individual order has to contain either all Ocean Freight or all Air Express items. This is because they arrive at different times
  • All of the extra knobs will be imported via Air Express. You can add that item in both Air Express and Ocean Freight orders


Visit Zoom65.com for more inf on and photos of Zoom65, Essential Edition.
No limits. Pre-order starts 7pm, April 4 2022 and ends on April 22, 2022
All the add-ons and accessories are compatible across all editions of Zoom65 to date.
None of the items on this page can be ordered with Zoom65 Olivia Edition pre-orders. They are expected to arrive later than Olivia Edition

Switch from Olivia Edition Pre-order

It's possible to switch your Olivia Edition April Batch pre-order to an Essential Edition pre-order. It's not possible to switch from March Batch because they've been produced about to ship out of China.

To switch from your Olivia Edition April Batch, please add whichever items you want from Essential Edition pre-order to cart. Email a screenshot of your cart to support@mech.land from the email address associated with your account.

You must send the email before Olivia Edition April Batch pre-order closes at 7pm EST, April 7, 2022. We will not be able to honor requests sent after that time and date.