Status updates

Last update: February 9, 2024

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Support Tickets

We're extremely sorry for not being able to reply to many of the support tickets within a reasonable time period. We're still a little backlogged and going through them as fast as we can.

Shop App tracking issues

Shop App is incorrectly notifying customers that their packages have been delivered when they have not. All shipping methods are affected. We've had instances when Shop Pay showed a completely different tracking number to the customer than the one we sent out through Shopify. We've contacted Shopify about this. 

Please do not rely on Shop App to track your order. Refer to the tracking number that is emailed to you just before your order is shipped

Fulfillment queue

Zoom65 v2.5 (Air Express)

Z65 x Yamanote (Air Express)

Zoompad (Air Express)

Fulfilled. See below for Zoom65 x Soul Land collab units.


See Below

Zoom98 Oct 23 Batch (Air Express)

ETA mid-February

Avalon Switches (Air Express)

Diamond Avalon orders fulfilled. Waiting for Keygeek.

WS Cafe (Ocean Freight)

ETA mid-February

MISC stock updates

205g0 in 5ml Syringe - Will restock, no ETA yet


  • Mammoth75 & Mammoth20
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All orders shipped. Extras soon

02/18/22 - Order placed with Wuque Studio. Awaiting production. See Wuque Studio blog for updates

11/03/22 - They have arrived to on September 20, 2022. Wuque Studio informed us that FR4, Aluminum and Brass plates in this shipment do not have the proper flex cuts. We're awaiting replacement Mammoth75 plates and Mammoth20 knobs from Wuque Studio. 

  • Zoompad / Zoom75 / Zoom98 / Zoomcaps
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Batch 2

1/22/2024 - Fulfilled

Batch 3

01/22/2024 - Fulfilled

Oct 23 Batch

Unlimited batch pre-order that took place in October, 2023 alongside the limited Batch 3

01/23/2024 - Zoom98 Ocean Freight & Air Express due to ship out of China soon. Air Express ETA mid-February, 2024

01/22/2024 - Zoompad and Zoom75 are on the way to us. Zoom98 have yet ship out from Meletrix.

Nov 23 Batch

01/22/2024 - Still on track for Q2, 2024 ETA as stated during the pre-order

NOTE: Updates during production can be found at the Meletrix blog. We'll start updating this page once the items have finished production and are ready to leave China.

05/31/2023 - Initial pre-order over. Order placed with Wuque Studio, awaiting production. A limited number of Ocean Freight extras are available for pre-order now, titled Batch 2.

  • Boog75
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01/26/2024 - Boog75 & bonus wrist rests have arrived to our forwarder. Will ship out to Canada via Ocean Freight before the CNY. ETA March. Please see below for ETAs of wrist rests being sold separately.

  • Zoom65 v2.5
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01/25/2024 - Air Express orders shipped. Customers who purchased x Soul Land collab keyboard kit will receive the missing half of the USB cable via a separate shipment once we receive them from Meletrix. Ocean Freight OTW. ETA Late February / early March, 2024

  • Zoom65 v2 x Yamanote Line
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01/22/2024 - Air Express orders shipped. Ocean Freight OTW. ETA Late February / early March, 2024

  • S65 & S80
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01/22/2024 - All orders shipped out. Extras soon.

⭐ 11/22/2023 - Air Express orders shipping out

09/28/2023 - They've finished manufacturing and arrived to our shipper in China. They should be on the way to us in the next few days.

05/24/2023 - Order placed with NotFromSam. Awaiting production

09/23/2023 - 4x4 keycaps have arrived.

  • Molly60
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01/22/2024 - Air Express and Ocean Freight orders sorted and separated. They will leave China in the next day or two, before the CNY break.

01/22/2024 - Factory shipped half of our order to our forwarder in late December, 2023. The remaining half arrived to them on Jan 18, 2024.

Unfortunately the factory did not pack Air Express and Ocean Freight units separately, they're all mixed up across many boxes containing multiple Molly60 in each.

Our forwarder is sorting them out at the moment. Air Express and Ocean Freight will both ship out before the CNY break. 

ETA for Air Express is Mid February, 2024. ETA for Ocean Freight is late March, early April, 2024

⭐ 12/05/2023 - Still finishing up QA process. Aregs informed us they'll be ready to be sent to us early - mid December.

⭐ 10/18/2023 - Coating process is done for most of the colors. Estimated to finish production around the end of October, 2023

⭐ 10/15/2023 - They've finished machining and are currently in the coloring phase. Still on track to finish production around late October 

08/25/2023 - A large number of them have finished machining. NLandKeys says they can expected all of them to be completed by late September / early October.

08/02 - Order placed with NLandKeys. Units are in production. Nlandkeys got started even before the GB ended to expedite production.

  • Zoompad R1
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01/22/2024 - All Air Express orders shipped out. Awaiting Ocean Freight

08/12/2023 - Order placed with Meletrix. Awaiting production.


  • WS Cafe
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01/22/24 - OTW to us via Ocean Freight. Still on track for late February, 2024


  • Diamond & Keygeek Avalon
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⭐ 02/07/24 - Diamond Avalon orders fulfilled. Waiting for Keygeek to arrive.

01/22/24 - Keygeek switches finished production and are with Aregs Keyboard. Due to ship out to us via Air Express before CNY. Diamond scheduled to finish production this week and may ship out to us before CNY.

⭐ 01/05/23 - Still in production. New estimate for end of production is late December, 2023. They'll be imported via Air Express

10/10/23 - In production. ETA to us early to mid November.


  • Meletrix Wooden Wrist Rests
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01/29/24 - They will leave China after the CNY break, sometime mid to late February. ETA to us is April, 2024. Please note this only includes wrist rests being sold separately, not the free bonus wrist rests with Boog75 which will arrive earlier with Boog75