Zoom65 V3

Group buy runs from June 18 to July 2, 2024

Group buy ends in


Zoom65 V3 brings a ton of new upgrades and options compared to the previous versions. It may just be the most comprehensive keyboard kit to date!

In addition to the case color, PCB and external weight, you can also choose your own backplate and plate this time.

Each Zoom65 V3 comes with a 1u Screen Module, unless otherwise specified.

Some of the new features in V3 include screw-less case structure, magnetic daughterboard, 7 different mounting styles, 6 different 1u modules, hot-swappable magnetic external weights and more! 

All Zoom65 V3 are scheduled to finish production in October, 2024. Delivery to you depends on the import method you choose.

Milestone Bonuses

Additional bonuses will be included with each kit as Zoom65 V3 global sales hit certain milestones:

✓ 3000 kits - 1u keycap puller (unlocked!)

✓ 7000 kits - Titanium switch puller in random color

✓ 10,000 kits - Random box of x35 WS switches

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