Status updates

Last update: November 22, 2023

⭐ = New update

Fulfillment queue

First Love (Ocean Freight)

Fulfilled in the first week of November. Extras are available now.

S65/S80 (Air Express)

Zoom75 Batch 2

Fulfilling now. Tracking numbers are going out.

WS Stellar (Ocean Freight)

Zoom75 Batch 3

Part of the shipment arrived. Expecting the rest on Friday, November 24th

Zoompad (Air Express)

Zoompad (Ocean Freight)

Both OTW. Air Express scheduled to arrive to us late November. Ocean Freight in January.

MISC stock updates

205g0 in 5ml Syringe - Will restock, no ETA yet

TX Stabilizers - Awaiting new version, current version has been discounted.


  • Mammoth75 & Mammoth20
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All orders shipped. Extras soon

02/18/22 - Order placed with Wuque Studio. Awaiting production. See Wuque Studio blog for updates

11/03/22 - They have arrived to on September 20, 2022. Wuque Studio informed us that FR4, Aluminum and Brass plates in this shipment do not have the proper flex cuts. We're awaiting replacement Mammoth75 plates and Mammoth20 knobs from Wuque Studio. 

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EE & AE extras sold out.

Order placed with Meletrix. Awaiting production

  • Zoom75
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Batch 2


Batch 2 will start shipping immediately after Batch 1 Ocean Freight orders (without Zoom75 keycaps) have been fulfilled.

Batch 3

09/15/2023 - They've left China and on the way to Canada via a cargo ship. Still on track for a November ETA.

Updates during production

Please refer to Meletrix Product Update Blog for updates regarding Zoom75 during production phase. Their update page will have more frequent and detailed updates than ours until the units leave China.

Original timeline

The graphic below depicts the estimates given during the group buy phase. These estimates may no longer be accurate.

05/31/2023 - Initial pre-order over. Order placed with Wuque Studio, awaiting production. A limited number of Ocean Freight extras are available for pre-order now, titled Batch 2.

  • S65 & S80
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⭐ 11/22/2023 - Air Express orders shipping out

09/28/2023 - They've finished manufacturing and arrived to our shipper in China. They should be on the way to us in the next few days.

05/24/2023 - Order placed with NotFromSam. Awaiting production

09/23/2023 - 4x4 keycaps have arrived.

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⭐ 10/18/2023 - Coating process is done for most of the colors. Estimated to finish production around the end of October, 2023

⭐ 10/15/2023 - They've finished machining and are currently in the coloring phase. Still on track to finish production around late October 

08/25/2023 - A large number of them have finished machining. NLandKeys says they can expected all of them to be completed by late September / early October.

08/02 - Order placed with NLandKeys. Units are in production. Nlandkeys got started even before the GB ended to expedite production.

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NOTE: Updates during production can be found at the Meletrix blog. We'll start updating this page once the items have finished production and are ready to leave China.

⭐ 10/18/2023 - Due to finish production and arrive to our Chinese shipper in the next week or two.

08/12/2023 - Order placed with Meletrix. Awaiting production.


  • WS Stellar
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10/10/23 - Air Express orders shipped out. Awaiting Ocean Freight shipment

  • WS Kraken
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11/22/23 - Unfortunately this keyset didn't meet the MoQ. The project was cancelled by Wuque Studio. We'll be issuing full refunds to customers in the next few days.


  • Diamond Avalon
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10/10/23 - In production. ETA to us early to mid November.