Status Updates

Last updated: November 29, 2021

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    September, 2021 October, 2021 November, 2021

    🟪 Ginkgo 65%

    🟨 Voice65% & Jelly Epoch Plate Extras

    ✔️ Krytox XHT-BDZ

    ✔️ Krytox 3204

    ✔️ Krytox 105

    ✔️ JWK White Jades

    ✔️ Cherry Black Hyperglides

    ✔️ OA x Stabilizers

    ✔️ Everglide V2 Stabilizers

    ✔️ InputRice O-rings

    🟪 GMK Soyamilk

    🟩 Geekark Lancelot

    🟩 Ikki68 Aurora R1

    🟨 Wuque Mini Bear Openers

    🟨 Wuque Titanium Switch Puller - Prism

    🟩 Gateron Black Inks v2

    🟩 Gateron China Joy

    🟪 ePBT Winter Breath

    🟩 Wildlife Switches



    🟥 : New product

    🟨 : Restock

    🟪 : Group buy Start

    🟩 : Product arrival @

    ✔️ : Event complete

    Product Status

    ⭐ = New information in this update.

    ⚠️ = Important information regarding the product.

    Ikki68 Aurora R2

    R2 orders for the general public is now closed. If you ordered an R1 unit (Charcoal / Mint / Mizu) you can still join the group buy until Dec 10, 2021. 

    Email for instructions on how to order.

    Wildlife Switches

    GB closed. Order placed with Rebult Keyboards. ETA of Q4, 2021 looks extremely likely.

    Limited pre-orders are currently open. There will be extras available after all GB units shipped.

    10/08/21 - Rebult informed us that the switches have finished production. They're on track for November, 2021.

    ⭐ 11/29/21 - All of the packages arrived at Fulfillment will commence on the week of December 6th.

    Ikki68 Aurora x PnC

    GB closed. Order placed with Wuque Studio. There will be extras available after all units shipped.

    05/31/21 - No updates yet. Color matching will be done in the coming months.

    07/25/21 - Awaiting color samples from the manufacturer. Wuque Studio expects to ship them out to vendors in September. They will take 30 - 60 days in transit. Visit Wuque Studio Updates page for the most up to date information.

    ⭐ 11/29/21 - On a ship to USA.

    Geekark Lancelot

    GB closed. Order placed with Wuque Studio. There will be extras available after all units shipped.

    02/05/21 - ETA to is June, 2021

    03/25/21 - Slight delay, new ETA to is July / August, 2021

    05/31/21 - Color matching complete. ETA to is late August, 2021.

    06/14/21 - Wuque Studio is having trouble receiving timely responses from Geekark. They expect Lancelot to be delayed from the current ETA. New ETA to is late September, 2021.

    07/25/21 - Geekark provided first production samples but the colors are not right. They are creating another round of samples. Should get to Wuque Studio in first week of August.

    09/12/21 - Geekark says they'll deliver the keycaps to Wuque Studio mid-September. If they can meet that deadline, the keycaps should arrive to early October.

    Geekark has been extremely slow to respond to inquiries and have missed several deadlines they've set for themselves. We remain cautiously optimistic about the new deadline

    10/08/21 - Lancelot keycaps have arrived at Wuque Studio. They're performing QC and will ship them out to shortly. 

    ⭐ 11/29/21 - Wuque Studio is still QC-ing and collating the sets they received from Geekark.

    Ikki68 Aurora R1

    Please refer to this page for Aurora R1 fulfillment status

    GB closed. Order placed with Wuque Studio. There will be extras available after all units shipped.

    02/10/21 - ETA to is August 2021.

    05/31/21 - ETA to is September 2021.

    07/30/21 - Aurora R1 units are en route to :)

    09/12/21 - Aurora R1 units are still en-route to There are no tracking updates while they are at sea. There will be an email sent out once they've arrived at This page will be updated with progress along the way.

    We have had to change our shipping arrangement early August because of a container shortage to Canada. If we had proceeded with the original shipping  plan, the Auroras would've arrived at sometime in November - December.
    We've instead decided to ship the Auroras to USA and then bring them into Canada via freight trucks. This is considerably more expensive than the original plan but this lets us avoid a potentially lengthy delay.
    Currently the R1 units are scheduled to arrive in the US in the third week of September. Then another week to transport them into Canada. We're very optimistic about a late September / early October arrival to 
    ⭐ 10/08/21 The Auroras have arrived and cleared customs in the US last week and all the preparations are complete for them to make their journey into Canada. We're expecting Auroras to arrive in Toronto mid October

    For the latest info please join Wuque Studio discord. For additional info on Aurora please visit

    Kanagawa Deskmats

    Please refer to this page for Kanagawa fulfillment status

    GB closed. Order placed with Zion Studios. There will be extras available after all units shipped.

    05/31/21 - No updates yet.

    06/02/21 - Mats have been produced and are ready to get on a boat to

    07/30/21 - Mats are en route to ETA is late August / Early September.

     09/12/21 - Mats are still en-route to ETA is likely October, 2021There are no tracking updates while they are at sea. There will be an email sent out once they've arrived at This page will be updated with progress along the way.

    ⚠️ After Zion Studios had shipped out all of their own orders, a misprint in the Charcoal (not Zen Charcoal) was caught by the customers. The background silhouette and other design elements were not as prominent as shown in the renders. 

    Zion Studios have decided to re-print all the Charcoal Kanagawa deskmats. They have not yet finished production of those re-prints. Once they have, they will ship them out to

    That means customers with Charcoal Kanagawa mats in their order will have to wait until late 2021 to receive their order. We're looking into other possibilities and will update on the situation in a week or so.

    We are trying our best to work with Zion to ship out the re-prints as soon as possible. 

    ⭐ 10/08/21 - Still no updates on the mats or replacements. Waiting for more info from Zion. 

    There will be an email out from that will give the customers an option to either wait for the replacement or to receive the Charcoal misprint mats with a partial refund.

    Wuque Mini Bear Openers

    This is a regularly stocked item.

    ⭐ 11/29/21 - No updates on a restock yet.

    Ikki68 Aurora x Dreamscape

    Ikki68 Aurora x Stargaze

    GB closed. Order placed with Wuque Studio. There will be extras available after all units shipped.

    Visit Wuque Studio Updates page for the most up to date information.

    Completed group buy(s)

    OA Switch

    All of the OA Switch group buy orders have been shipped out. The extras went on sale on November 27th, 2020. All the extras orders have been shipped out. Group buy is now complete.

    OA Stabilizers & Wuque Bear Switch Opener

    All of the group buy orders have been shipped out. Extras went on sale on April 7th, 2021. Group buy is now complete

    Ikki68 Accessories GB

    All of the group buy orders have been shipped out. No available extras. Group buy is now complete

    Voice65% / Jelly Epoch FR4 Plates

    Voice65% FR4 plate GB is over. There will be extras.

    Jelly Epoch FR4 plate GB will end when people start receiving their SE units. There will be a 48hr notice posted on Owlab discord before the GB ends.

    05/31/21 - Voice65% FR4 plates en route to Alex. He will ship portion of it to Canada. He will start to fulfill US only orders, and will fulfill all the other destinations. Please expect a week's delay between when Alex's and when's fulfillment start.   

    06/21/21 - Voice65% orders started shipping. Expect a slow fulfillment as's portion of the plates are still on the way.

    Orders containing both Voice65% and Jelly Epoch plates will ship once Jelly Epoch plates arrive.

    06/02/21 - Slight delay shipping out Voice65% plates from the manufacturer. They just informed us white FR4 plates were damaged during manufacturing. They've cancelled the shipment and went back to produce the white plates again. New shipping ETA is June 5, 2021.

    06/13/21 - Voice65% Plates have arrived to Alex. After QC inspection US shipping will begin.'s portion will be shipped soon.

    06/25/21 - All the US bound, voice65% plate only orders have been shipped by Alex. Tracking numbers have been sent to customers. has received the Voice plates, and will commence shipping out all non-US bound, and US bound orders with other items on Saturday.  

    07/08/21 - Jelly plates on the way to US plates will be shipped to Alex once received. Some Voice65% plates shipped out of already, the rest will be shipped between July 9 - July 11. There were a few plates damaged in transit so newer, sturdier packaging had to be ordered to prevent that from happening. We're very sorry about the delay :(

    07/30/21 - Plates have arrived last week. Alex's portion is en route to him. If is shipping your order please expect an email with tracking info in the next few days.

    08/20/21 - All plates have been shipped out.

    09/12/21 - All plates have been shipped out. Extras in September, 2021.