Ikki68 Aurora Badge Group Buy Round 2

Please read the product pages in full before placing an order.

Badge group buy runs from Jan 22 - Feb 20, 2022. 

You can combine any of the items in this page with your Ikki68 Aurora R2 order at Mech.land. See the product pages for details.

Please try to place one order only. This is an unlimited group buy, none of the items will sell out before the end date. Please place your order in USD if you'd like the option to modify it later.

You will get a free badge case for every five badges ordered. You can mix and match sets, design, color etc. This will be automatic, you do not need to manually add one to cart.

All of these badges are compatible with any Ikki68 Aurora sold to date. They are compatible with Ikki68 Aluminum released in 2020 with the use of a badge base.

You can cancel your order up until 12:01 AM EST, February 20, 2022. Keep in mind there will be a 4% processing fee deducted from all refunds because of credit card processing fees.

Group buy will go live at 8pm EST, January 22, 2022.