June 2022 Switch Drop

All of the items will be available for purchase at 9pm EST, Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Fresh restock of the very popular tactile switches. Features a strong bump at the top and a relatively short travel distance.

Ships in 1-3 business days | $8 USD per 10

A lovely recolor of the Graphite Gold switches. Comes in a beautiful box and tray in quantities of 35. ETA July, 2022

Ships mid July, 2022 | $7.43 USD per 10

Limited edition switch featuring a mixed polymer housing with sparkling specs inside. Once sold out they won't be restocked.

Ships in 1-3 business days | $8 USD per 10

Limited number of extras. Features a nylon top housing, mixed nylon bottom housing, 63.5g extended spring and JWK P3 stem.

Ships in 1-3 business days | $7.30 USD per 10

Other in-stock items

SALE! $7.50 per 10 pack
Ships in 1-3 business days


Please read the following before you purchase


White Jade, Starry & Autumn Rain switches are in-stock items. They ship in 1 - 3 business days.

Designer Studio Peach Bloom switches do not ship immediately. They are a short pre-order and are estimated to arrive to Mech.land mid July, 2022 or hopefully earlier.

Please keep in mind the ETA is just our best guess according to the information currently available to us. Unexpected issues and delays can happen at every stage of the process, especially in a world where the supply chain is still disrupted. 

DO NOT PURCHASE if delays and setbacks are unacceptable for you.

Group Buy Limit

The Peach Bloom pre-order has no limits.

Purchase Limit

There is no purchase limit to any of the items above.


Any status updates pertaining to this group buy will be posted in the status updates page. 

Please follow the instructions on the contact us page if you need to change your address before the group buy ships.


You may add any in-stock item to your order of any of the items above.  

If your order contains Peach Bloom then it'll ship when Peach Bloom arrives.

You cannot add these products to an existing group buy order, such as Alumizu or Aurora x Mizu. You cannot place a new order with the items above and any other group buy items. 


You may modify your order containing Peach Bloom until the pre-order ends on June 17, 2022 

Please send an email to  support@mech.land from the email address associated with your order and list the changes you'd like to see made.


You may cancel your order containing Peach Bloom and get a refund until the group buy ends on June 17, 2022 

Please keep in mind we will deduct 4% of the total from the refund as we do not get the transaction fees back from our payment processor.

Peach Bloom

A pink facelift of the popular Graphite Gold switches! 

These are 63.5g linear switches made by JWK. They feature a full nylon housing and a G1 long pole stem made of a combination of POM, UPE and Paraffin, among other material.

This is a short pre-order, estimated to arrive to us 4 weeks after the pre-order ends.