Zoom65 V1 Extras

At a glance

The Essential Edition is a barebones keyboard kit that comes with everything except for switches and keycaps.

It comes with a VIA compatible Bluetooth 5.0 PCB instead of a QMK/VIA wired PCB. It can still be used in wired mode. A battery is included.

An internal brass weight is available to purchase as an add-on. It's not compatible with Zoom65 V2.

Olivia Edition

Olivia Edition comes with matching PBT double-shot Olivia keycaps, JWK switches and the new multi-layout, hot-swap, Bluetooth / VIA PCB.

Visit Zoom65.com for more information on Zoom65


Dye-sub PBT keycaps matching certain Zoom65 colors. Comes with enough caps to support all Zoom65 / Ikki68 Aurora layouts.


Please read the product pages linked below for kit contents and other important information before placing an order. 

All items are in stock, ships in 1-4 business days.

R1 pre-order bonus (Wuque Titanium Switch Puller) are not included with these in stock units.

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Zoom65 Essential Edition [In Stock]
📦 Limited quantity in-stock extras
💡 E-white and black cases have a sparkly finish.
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