Zoom65 Drop #2

A short pre-order will open on March 16 @ 11am EST for the next two batches of Zoom65. The two product listings are at the bottom of this page.

The short pre-orders will be kept open until they sell out. Please see below for more details.

March Batch

ETA to customers: Mid April, 2022

Can order other in-stock items with it

April Batch

ETA to customers: Mid May, 2022

Item Qty
Zoom65 - Olivia Dark / Wired / Unassembled 120 Zoom65 - Olivia Dark / Wired / Unassembled 120
No Olivia Light or plates in this batch. Zoom65 - Olivia Light / Wired / Unassembled 280
Aluminum Plate
Brass Plate Unlimited
FR4 Plate Unlimited


NEW! - Each Zoom65 Olivia Edition (March or April batch) will come with 1.5g of XHT-BDZ, courtesy of Mech.land. That's enough to lube all of the included stabilizers and many more!
Both batches will be flown into Canada via Air Express, and as such the Zoom65 will cost $210 USD like last time. Sea freight is still unpredictable (2+ months) so we've opted to stick with Air Express.
These two batches are the last ones with the wired / QMK / VIA PCB.
This PCB is being discontinued due to high chip prices. Every Zoom65 in the future will come with the wireless PCB that's compatible with VIA. Battery will most likely sold separately, but it'll still work in wired mode without one.
There is a chance we might offer a small part of the March or April batch to pre-order via sea freight. The cost will be $180 USD instead of $210 USD, but the ETA might be June / July, 2022. We'll update this page if this will be offered as an option.
No limit on these two batches. You may purchase however many you'd like.