Zoom65 - Olivia Edition - March Batch
Zoom65 - Olivia Edition - March Batch
Zoom65 - Olivia Edition - March Batch
Zoom65 - Olivia Edition - March Batch
Zoom65 - Olivia Edition - March Batch
Zoom65 - Olivia Edition - March Batch
Zoom65 - Olivia Edition - March Batch
Zoom65 - Olivia Edition - March Batch
Zoom65 - Olivia Edition - March Batch
Zoom65 - Olivia Edition - March Batch
Zoom65 - Olivia Edition - March Batch
Zoom65 - Olivia Edition - March Batch
Zoom65 - Olivia Edition - March Batch
Zoom65 - Olivia Edition - March Batch
Zoom65 - Olivia Edition - March Batch
Zoom65 - Olivia Edition - March Batch
Zoom65 - Olivia Edition - March Batch
Zoom65 - Olivia Edition - March Batch
Wuque Studio

Zoom65 - Olivia Edition - March Batch

Regular price $210.00 USD $0.00 USD Unit price per
ūüēė GB Period
Mar 16 to until sold out
ūüďÜ Estimated Ship Date
Mid April, 2022 to customers. [UPDATES]
‚úČÔłŹ CANNOT be shipped via lettermail
ūüďĆ NEW! Each Zoom65 Olivia Edition (March or April batch) will come with 1.5g of XHT-BDZ, courtesy of Mech.land. That's enough to lube all of the included stabilizers and many more!
ūüďĆ April batch product link ūüĒó
Next round
Wednesday, March 16 @ 11am EST

See blow for details

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Sale TypeVariantQty
Short pre-order (Ships mid-April)Olivia Dark / Wired / Unassembled120
Short pre-order (Ships mid-May)Olivia Dark / Wired / Unassembled280
Short pre-order (Ships mid-May)Olivia Light / Wired / Unassembled120
Short pre-order (Ships mid-May)FR4 / Alu / Brass platesNo limit
ūüü° 05/07/23 - Policy page updated to reflect changes in shipping insurance

Zoom65 Drop #2

A short pre-order will open mid March for the next two batches of Zoom65.

The March batch will be flown into Canada via air express. ETA to customers is early to mid April, 2022. 120 units of Olivia Dark in wired / unassembled configuration.

The April batch will also be flown into Canada via air express. ETA to customers is early to mid May, 2022. Both Olivia Dark and Olivia Light will be offered. Quantities to be announced.

The April batch will have additional plates up for order as well. Unfortunately extra plates cannot be combined with March batch orders.

We've decided to import both batches via air express because sea freight is still a lengthy (2 months or longer) and unpredictable shipping method. We feel that the extra $30 USD premium for air express is worth the cost at the moment. 

⚠ March and April batch are the last ones with wired / QMK / VIA PCB. This PCB is being discontinued due to high chip prices. Every Zoom65 in the future will come with the wireless PCB that's compatible with VIA.

There is a chance we might offer a small part of the March or April batch to pre-order via sea freight. The cost will be $180 USD instead of $210 USD, but the ETA might be June / July, 2022. We'll update this page if this will be offered as an option.

Zoom65 - by Meletrix

Zoom65 aims to make an enthusiast level typing experience and sound accessible and affordable to the general population and hobbyists alike. 

A subsidiary of Wuque Studio, Meletrix was formed to bring the latest innovations happening in the DIY custom keyboard community to the masses without sacrificing quality. 

Each Zoom65 is sold as a complete kit. It comes with everything you need to use the keyboard right away. Other than the case, PCB and plates, it also includes stabilizers, switches, keycaps and an USB cable!

Note: These early units are flown in to Canada via Air Express and thus cost a bit more. As production capabilities ramp up, we will start bringing them in via the sea to bring the price down. We intent to keep these, and other color variants, bluetooth editions etc. in stock at all times. 

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Mech.land Recommended Build

We recommend the following build adjustments for a slightly louder, but much crisper sounding and more bouncy / flexy typing experience:

  • No plate standoffs except the two next to the knob
  • No PORON foam under the PCB
  • No PORON foam on the bottom case. You can use a little bit of polyfill if you'd like a slightly deeper sound.
  • No PORON stabilizer pad under the included stabilizers.¬†
  • 205g0 in the stabilizer housings and stems and XHT-BDZ on the stabilizer wires.¬†
  • Lubed and filmed long pole linear switches (like Durock POM Linear, WS Onion, Penyu, Graphite Gold etc.) at the stabilizer keys, or at least the spacebar


Premium build quality

Electrostatic coated aluminum top and bottom case

Not only are they more durable than the typical off-the-rack mechanical keyboard with a plastic shell, they feel so much nicer and heftier to the the sight and touch.

A mesmerizing glittery finish to the top and bottom case.

Not very noticeable in the daylight, but under certain lighting condition it really stands out, making your keyboard look like no other.

Engraved aluminum weight

Each Olivia Edition Zoom65 features an anodized gold aluminum weight with the beautiful Zoom65 logo engraved on it.

Ultimate flexibility in layout

Hot-swap PCB

Each Zoom65 comes with a hot-swap PCB. You can install switches by just pushing them into the PCB, no soldering required! Tired of using linear switches? Change them in a pinch! You are not bound to just one type of switch with this keyboard!

Multiple layouts on the same PCB

Every Zoom65 PCB supports multiple layouts! You can have a regular ANSI layout like you're used to seeing, or you can have split left shift, spacebars, backspace or all of the above! You can have stepped or regular caps lock, and ISO or ANSI enter!  

Flexibility of QMK / VIA

Re-map your entire keyboard on the fly with VIA. Add custom macros, special keys and a bunch of other useful functions in up to 4 layers. You can even customize the knob, using it for things like page up / down instead of volume control by default. The settings are stored in your keyboard so you don't need to install any software at each new device you use it on.

Elevated typing experience and sound 

Gasket mounted internal structure

Zoom65 features a gasket mount design. It offers a softer, bouncier typing experience and produces a more even sound all around compared to traditional tray mount design found in most off-the-shelf mechanical keyboards. 

Polycarbonate plate & flex cuts

Polycarbonate plates produce a softer, less metallic sound than traditional aluminum plates. Both the Zoom65 plate and PCB feature various flex cuts to allow for a soft and bouncy typing experience.

Dampening and sound enhancing foams

The Zoom65 comes with an array of optional use foam. Some are sound dampening foams, you can use them to make your keyboard really quiet. The keyboard also comes with a PORON sheet that goes between the switches and PCB, offering a very marble on slate like sound. You can experiment with all the different foam configurations to find your sweet spot!

JWK Linear Swtiches

Highly acclaimed JWK linear switches are a vast improvement on the traditional stock Cherry MX, Gateron or Outemu switches. They come lubricated from the factory, offering an exceptionally smooth bottom out that cannot be matched by other stock switches. At 63.5g bottom out force, these switches are neither too light nor too heavy, just the right amount for most people!

Sound test by Zion Studios PH

Comes with everything you need!

Olivia Keycaps

Zoom65 Olivia Edition features double shot PBT keycaps in the beautiful Olivia color scheme authorized by Olivia herself. Olivia color scheme was previously only available in limited run GMK group buys.  

Switches & Stabilizers 

As elaborated on above, each Zoom65 come with ultra smooth JWK linear switches. These switches are ready to use without needing any modifications, but you're welcome to do so on your own!

A set of WS stabilizers are also included with each Zoom65. These new stabilizers from Wuque Studio features a brand new design that makes the stabilizer wire impossible to pop off while removing keycaps. If you're new to the hobby then these are the perfect stabilizers for you!

Coiled cable & storage bag

A premium coiled USB-C to USB-A cable is included with every Zoom65. You do not need to spend an extra $30-50 to get a matching cable! Your Zoom65 acan be stored in the included carrying case to transport between home and work, or wherever!

Kit Contents:

  • Aluminum top & bottom case
  • Aluminum weight
  • Aluminum rotary encoder knob
  • Hot-swap multi layout PCB with flex cuts
  • Polycarbonate plate with flex cuts
  • WS Stabilizers
  • JWK linear switches
  • Double shot, PBT Olivia keycaps
  • Dampener kit
  • Gaskets
  • Coiled¬†USB cable
  • Storage bag
  • Screws, screwdriver and keyboard feet


  • PCB: QMK / VIA supported, ESD protected
  • Typing angle: 6.5¬į
  • Front height: 20 mm
  • Mounting style: Gasket mount
  • Weight (Fully assembled): 1.3 KG

JWK Linear Switch Specifications

  • Top housing: Polycarbonate
  • Bottom housing: Nylon
  • Stem: POM
  • Factory lubrication: Yes
  • Spring weight: 63.5g

Build guide

Please be sure to read the build guide before assembling the Zoom65. Please drop by our discord server if you need any help with the build process.

Acceptable Quality Standards

When you receive your Zoom65, please inspect the package for any missing items. A list of what's included is provided above. 

Please read our acceptable quality standards document to see what issues are covered under warranty and what are not.

Group Buy

What is a group buy?

Keyboard.University has an excellent write up on group buys related to mechanical keyboards. 

In short and (overly) simple terms, think of them as pre-orders. The process goes something like this:

  • Vendors / proxies (like Mech.Land) collects orders and payments from customers (like you).
  • The payments collected from customers get transferred to manufacturers.
  • Manufacturer begins production. This process can take weeks to months. Our estimate is 45 - 60 days for OA Switches.
  • Once production is complete, the manufacturer sends out the product to vendors / proxies
  • Vendors / proxies ship out the product to customers.

When will my group buy order ship?

You are not ordering in-stock products that will ship within a few days. Group buys take time, and sometimes unexpected delays happen. It's very important to keep this in mind before you join a group buy.

Check the group buy product page to get an ETA of when the product is likely to ship.

Are group buy delivery date estimates 100% solid?

The estimates are just that, estimates. Best guesses. Sometimes unexpected things happen that causes a delay. In some rare cases products get delivered before the ETA.

Can I cancel my group buy order?

You can cancel your group buy order and get a refund until the group buy ends.

4% of the order total will be kept as processing fee to cover for the transaction costs.

Once a group buy ends there will be no refunds or cancellations. 

I've moved since I placed the group buy order. How can I change my address?

Send an email to help@mech.land from the email address associated with your order, this way we'll know it really is you who's requesting the change.

The address can be changed but the recipient name will have to remain the same to prevent scalping. Your shipping fees may change depending on the new address, and you'll be billed for the difference.

When will I be billed?

Your payment method will be charged as soon as you place your order. 

Orders & Cancellations

When will my order ship?

For in-stock items your order will ship within 1-3 business days, unless under extreme circumstances.

Check the updates page for an estimated ship date for group buy products. 

Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your group buy order and get a refund until the group buy ends.

4% of the order total will be kept as processing fee to cover for the transaction costs.

Once a group buy ends there will be no refunds or cancellations. 

For in-stock items, you can cancel your order until it ships. 

Can I return an item?

Sorry, there are no returns or refunds once you've received your order. If you receive an item in damaged / defective conditions contact us ASAP and we'll make it right.

Local Pickup

Do you offer local pickup?

Yes, if you are in Toronto, ON!

Please visit this page for more details on how you can pick up an order in person.


What shipping method do you use to ship within Canada:

We use Canada Post for most of Ontario and Québec.

In addition to Canada Post, we use Stallion Express, a shipping third party to ship to all other provinces and territories. Their rates are far cheaper than Canada Post direct. They mostly use Canada Post, but they also other companies like UPS, Purolator etc. to ship.

You will receive full tracking info for all packages shipped, with the exception of Lettermail. Instead you will get a video confirmation of your Lettermail package being dropped off in the mailbox.

What shipping method do you use to ship to USA?

We use Stallion Express, which in turn uses USPS to ship to USA. They're a shipping third party based in Toronto. We drop off our US bound packages to Stallion Express, they drive these packages across the border to Niagara Falls NY and then ship them within the US using USPS. 

Their fees are very affordable and that's why we can afford such competitive shipping rates to USA.

We also use UPS to ship to USA.

What shipping method do you use to ship to the rest of the world?

We can use PostNL tracked, APC tracked or UPS to ship worldwide. The international shipping price you see during checkout is just a best guess average. Your rate will be calculated manually and you'll be refunded if it ends up being less than what you paid. You'll be invoiced for additional amount if it ends up being higher, and you can cancel your order if you choose to do so in this case.

Can I be charged extra for shipping even after I've placed my order?

Shipping fees calculated during checkout are correct for 99% of the cases. However it's not possible to accurately estimate shipping fees to all the parts of the world. If you live in rural areas it might cost more to ship things out to you. 

If that's the case and the shipping cost difference is significant, you will be contacted and asked to pay the difference. If you choose not to then your order will be cancelled and you will be refunded in full.