Zoom TKL: Essential Edition

Does NOT include switches or keycaps.
Unassembled, DIY kit.

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Zoom TKL Essential Edition [In Stock]
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🔨 DIY Kit. Does not come with switches or keycaps. Requires assembly
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Looking for the fully assembled version?

This product page is only for the DIY kit (Essential Edition) only. It comes with stabilizers but no keycaps or switches. You need to put it together yourself.

Please visit this page for the Assembled Edition

All add-ons and backplates are compatible with both Essential Edition and Assembled Edition

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Zoom TKL At a glance

EE Kit Contents

- Aluminum top and bottom case*

- Back plate*

- Multi-layout, hot-swap, Bluetooth PCB.

- Daughterboard + JST cable

- Polycarbonate or Aluminum plate*

- Gasket sleeves

- Set of WS Stabilizers

- 2250 mAh Li-ion battery

- Coiled USB-C cable

- PORON Dampener Kit

- Silicone keyboard feet
- Screws and other installation tools

- Faux suede storage case

* User customizable option in terms of color, material and/or finish.


- Gasket mount design

- 80% with F13 and Winkey

- 1.2mm PCB with Ai03 Universal DB

- 5° Typing angle

- 18.86 mm front height

- Finish treatment: nano-coating, glass, stainless steel

- Splits: 3 space bar splits, left and right shift splits

- Default plate: PC or Aluminium Plate

- Bluetooth PCB polling rate in wired mode: 1000hz

- Bluetooth PCB can be used in wired or wireless mode.

- Kit + Glass Mirror Back & PC Plate: 1.58kg

- Kit + Glass Mirror Back & Alu Plate: 1.62kg

- Kit + SS PVD Back & PC Plate: 1.75kg

- Kit + SS PVD Back & Alu Plate: 1.78kg

- Kit + Carbon Fiber Back & PC Plate: 1.54kg

- Kit + Carbon Fiber Back & Alu Plate: 1.57kg

- Internal weight (Sold separately): 0.35kg

Zoom TKL Customization Options

10 Case Colors

Zoom TKL brings back all of the colors from the Zoom65 Range. With ten options to choose from, there's a color here for everyone! You can also purchase cases separately to mix and match top and bottom case colors!

12 Back Plate Colors / Materials

Zoom TKL lets you choose from 3 different materials for the backplate under the keyboard - Glass, PVD treated Stainless Steel or Carbon Fiber. With many different colors and finishes, there are an incredible amount of possibilities!

Bluetooth Connectivity

Use your Zoom TKL with your PC, laptop, tablet or even your phone - all without any wires. Enjoy a fast, lag free experience thanks to Bluetooth 5.0. Plug in an USB-C cable to charge the battery or to use the keyboard in wired mode. A 2250 mAh Li-ion battery is included with every kit.

Two choices for the default plate

Meletrix is offering customers a choice between two materials for the plate that comes with the keyboard kit. You can go with Aluminum for a more rigid, traditional typefeel, or go with Polycarbonate (PC) if you prefer a light, bouncy typefeel! 

Zoom TKL EE Configurator

Case Color

Weight Finish

Weight Color

Zoom TKL Features

Gasket mount

Zoom TKL uses a gasket isolation mount structure for a soft, bouncy and pleasant typefeel that won't fatigue your fingers even after hours of typing. Gasket mount keyboards sound better and feel more even throughout the board than the typical off-the-rack tray mount keyboards.


Unlike traditional keyboards, you are not stuck with just one layout on Zoom TKL! Change things up every now and then with split backspace, left shift and spacebar! You can also switch between normal and stepped caps lock or ANSI.

VIA customization

The Bluetooth PCB is fully compatible with VIA, the powerful GUI widely renowned for it's customizability and ease of use. Re-map any key on the keyboard on 4 different layers, including the knob. Use built in powerful shortcuts and macros, or define your own!


Zoom TKL PCB features Kailh Hot Swap sockets that allow you to just push the switches on, no soldering required! Changing switches is a breeze, you can go from linear to tactile in a matter of minutes, all on the same keyboard!

Ambient lighting

Zoom TKL features an array of LED lights on each side under the case for a soft underglow. 

You can customize the lighting effects and colors in VIA in real time!

Ergonomic typing angle

ZOOM TKL design incorporates a small slope on the front bezel to reduce the apparent height for a more comfortable typing experience. Meletrix also left a greater than usual distance between the function row and the numrow to make it easier to home in and to prevent accidental touch.  

Gasket Sleeves

The gasket sleeves are made of supercritical foam, it can stabilize the plate while still give appropriate space allow it to flex at a balanced way. Just allow it to move, not too stiff, not too much flex.

Foam included

In order to reduce resonance, many tests were done on the foaming material of the Zoom TKL. Meletrix made the new PORON lighter and denser, as a result they make the keyboard sound more concentrated and deeper than stock settings.

Plate variety

Plates in other materials, such as brass, aluminum and FR4, can be sold as add-on accessories, and they dramatically change the feel and sound of the keyboard

Keyboard feet

Zoom TKL uses a two long strips for feet. The longer strips ensures better stability and helps improving the sound of the keyboard as well. The lower foot will hide the four screw holes at the bottom.

Optional internal weight

An optional internal stainless steel weight is sold separately for those who prefer a heavier keyboard or a slightly denser sound. It adds about another 350 grams to the weight of the keyboard.

Extras included

ZOOM TKL comes with almost everything you need to put together your first keyboard, including an USB-C cable, premium WS stabilizers and a carrying case. All you need to get are switches and keycaps of your choice and you're all set!