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Zoom TKL: Essential Edition

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Meletrix is back with another Zoom, this time in TKL form!

Zoom TKL: Essential Edition comes with everything you need to build your keyboard, except for keycaps and switches.

Pre-order ends at 11:59 PM EST on November 29, 2022 

Depending on our workload volume at the time of fulfillment, we may choose to use a third party fulfillment service to deliver the Zoom TKL to you for a quicker delivery time. Please do not order any other in-stock items with your Zoom TKL as the fulfillment service will not have them at hand.

Canadian customers - please do not choose Xpresspost as a shipping method. Each Zoom TKL comes with a battery packed inside but not installed in kit. Canada Post does not allow such items to be shipped using Xpresspost


You cannot add any in-stock items to your order as we cannot guarantee its availability when the group buy is ready to ship.

You cannot combine this group buy order with a previous order as we cannot hold on to an order until the other one arrives.


You may modify your order until the group buy ends on November 29, 2022

Please send an email to from the email address associated with your order and list the changes you'd like to see made.


You may cancel your order and get a refund until the group buy ends on November 29, 2022

Please keep in mind we will deduct 4% of the total from the refund as we do not get the transaction fees back from our payment processor.


Any status updates pertaining to this group buy will be posted in the status updates page.

Please follow the instructions on the contact us page if you need to change your address before the group buy ships.

Import Methods

Zoom TKL Essential Edition will be imported from China into Canada via two separate shipping methods:

Ocean Freight

Arrives to Canada via a ship. Takes 45-70 days in transit. This is the standard import method used in most keyboard / deskmat group buys. It's much cheaper than Air Express but takes much longer to arrive.

All units ordered via Ocean Freight are scheduled to ship out of Meletrix around January, 2023 and should arrive at around  late March / early April, 2023

Air Express

Arrives to Canada via a cargo airplane, takes 7-15 days in transit. This import method is very expensive, as such some of the items brought over via Air Express have a markup added to cover the extra expenses

All units ordered via Air Express are scheduled to ship out of Meletrix around January, 2023 and should arrive at around late January / early February, 2023


You cannot combine Ocean Freight and Air Express items in the same order. Each individual order has to contain either all Ocean Freight or all Air Express items. This is because they arrive at different times

Please keep in mind the ETA is just our best guess according to the information currently available to us. Unexpected issues and delays can happen at every stage of the process.

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