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by Wuque Studio

Inspired by Norse mythology, Freya is the latest ultra premium keyboard from Wuque Studio featuring several innovative new features!

Freya features a full color, highly customizable, touch screen knob on the top right cluster. The non-load bearing gasket structure paired with split plate design bring a fresh new take on the typing experience 

Freya Ultra features an extra column on the left that can house either a slider or a 5 key macro row!

Group Buy Information

Group buy runs from 3PM EST, Feb 6 to Feb 21, 2024

Freya Ultra x Valhalla Collab is limited to 500 units worldwide. We'll update this page if/once we're approaching the limit

Canadian customers - please do not choose Xpresspost or Priority as the shipping method. Each Freya / Freya Ultra Tri-mode PCB kit comes with a battery packed inside which are not allowed in Xpresspost or Priority.

Canadian customers - Save 4% on your order by paying via Interac Email Transfer. Make sure the currency is set to USD from the dropdown above and Interac payment method will be available during checkout!

Freya and Freya Ultra kits both weigh quite a bit compared to similar keyboards. Shipping rates shown may not be accurate. If you overpay we'll refund the excess after we ship your order.

Group Buy Policies


You cannot add any in-stock items to your order as we cannot guarantee its availability when the pre-order is ready to ship.

You cannot combine this group buy order with a previous order as we cannot hold on to an order until the other one arrives.


You may modify your order until the group buy ends on Feb 21, 2024

Please send an email to from the email address associated with your order and list the changes you'd like to see made.


You may cancel your order and get a refund until the group buy ends on Feb 21, 2024

Please keep in mind we will deduct 4% of the total from the refund as we do not get the transaction fees back from our payment processor.


Any status updates pertaining to this pre-order will be posted in the status updates page.  Please refer to Wuque Studio Blog for updates during production.

Please follow the instructions on the contact us page if you need to change your address before the group buy ships.

Delivery Estimates

Ocean Freight

Arrives to Canada via a ship. Takes 45-60 days in transit. This is the standard import method used in most keyboard / deskmat group buys. It's much cheaper than Air Express but takes much longer to arrive.

All units ordered via Ocean Freight are scheduled arrive to us sometime around June or July, 2024

Air Express

Each Freya / Freya Ultra kit weighs about 6 kilograms including the metal briefcase. 

It would be prohibitively expensive to import them via Air Express, as such we're not offering this import method in this group buy.


Any status updates pertaining to this pre-order will be posted in the status updates pagePlease refer to Wuque Studio Blog for updates during production.

Please keep in mind the ETA is just our best guess according to the information currently available to us. Unexpected issues and delays can happen at every stage of the process.


Freya has a 68% layout with a big, color touchscreen knob on the top right cluster. The knob can also be replaced with 4x 1u keys. It comes with a PC/FR4 split plate, in a variety of top case colors and bottom case finishes

Freya Ultra

Freya Ultra has the same layout as Freya, with the addition of a 1u column to the left of the keyboard. This column can be populated with a customizable slider or 5x 1u keys.


  • Freya and Freya Ultra Wired PCB kits cannot use and do not come with the knob. The wired PCB only supports the 4x 1u navigation cluster. The Tri-mode PCB kits can use and come with both the knob and the 4x 1u navigation cluster modules.

  • Both Freya and Freya Ultra wired PCB support both ANSI and ISO layout. The Tri-mode PCB supports only the ANSI layout

  • Freya Ultra Wired PCB kits cannot use and do not come with the slider module. They only come with the 5x 1u column module. The Tri-mode PCB kits can use and come with both the slider and the 5x 1u column modules.

  • Freya wired PCBs are solder only

  • Freya top or bottom cases are not compatible with Freya Ultra, and vice versa. Plates, PCB and Badges are compatible across both keyboards


Not all of the bottom case options are available for each top case.

Freya Ultra

Not all of the bottom case options are available for each top case.

Freya Collabs

Limited edition collab. Only 500 worldwide!

Starting at

$509.00 USD

Customization Options

Freya top or bottom case doesn't work with Freya Ultra, and vice versa.

Plates, PCB and badges are compatible across Freya and Freya Ultra


Freya has a large rotary knob in the top right cluster like Mammoth75, but unlike Mammoth75 the knob has a full color touchscreen! 

The knob sits on an elegant alter raised from the rest of the board. If you're not a fan of the knob, you can always replace it with the 4x 1u key module included in the kit!

Knob functions

  • 5s boot animation, Image/Gif upload
  • Rotate the knob to adjust the volume, press to enter the function page
  • Support date, clock, power, information push
  • Alarm Clock
  • Notes
  • Message notification
  • Countdown
  • Note: some functions are under development, if you have any ideas please share it with us and we'll pass it on to Wuque Studio to consider adding it in a future update.

Customization software

Use the app to customize the knob and every other aspect of the keyboard!


Non-Load-Bearing Gasket Structure

Freya's unique mounting system draws inspiration from automotive suspension systems. Wuque Studio has integrated a spring structure into the bottom case, suspending the entire PCB assembly to ensure even key pressure distribution, stability, and responsiveness. The springs absorb typing pressure while the silicon gaskets provide an anti-friction effect. Together, the design prioritizes a comfortable typing experience and ensures a satisfying, consistent typing experience

Each kit comes with 3 types of springs in terms of flexibility: strong, medium and weak.

Split plate design

Drawing inspiration from the sweet spot structure of tennis rackets, Freya employs distinct materials for the alphanumeric keys area and other keys area. This design not only provides a soft and responsive touch for the alphanumeric keys area but also ensures a crisp and efficient response for other keys.

Various combinations of the split plate is available for sale separately. The inner and outer plate can be purchased separately on their own as well.


Heavy duty storage case

Each Freya kit weighs about 5-6KG partly due to the heavy duty metal storage case included with every keyboard. There's no safer way to transport your keyboard from your home to your office, or wherever else!


PCBs are compatible across Freya and Freya Ultra. Both Tri-mode hot-swap and wired solder PCBs support multiple layouts. Please visit the section above titled "IMPORTANT" to see the limitations of each PCB.

Hot-swap badges

Each Freya and Freya Ultra kit comes with a default badge. This can be easily changed with any of the many gorgeous designs being offered in this group buy, sold separately.

Slider button options

Freya Ultra kits with a Tri-mode PCB come with a slider module. The default slider button has an anodized gold finish, but we're offering 13 other finishes in this group buy that can be purchased separately. 

Tri-Mode PCB

Tri-mode PCB has some extra features and limitations over the wired PCB. Please refer to the section above titled "IMPORTANT" for more information.

Bluetooth, RF & Wired!

An all-in-one PCB! You can connect to your devices via Bluetooth 5.0, 2.4Ghz RF (USB receiver included) and in plain old wired mode. You can charge the battery with any USB-C cable (not included), or simply use it in wired mode for a while!


Tri-Mode PCB is fully compatible with VIA, the powerful GUI widely renowned for it's customizability and ease of use. Remap any key on the keyboard on many different layers. Use built in powerful shortcuts and macros, or define your own!

Battery Included

Every Freya kit comes with two 2250 mAh Li-ion battery included in the kit. Once it's out of charges simply connect your keyboard to your PC / laptop using the included USB-C cable.

Kit Contents

Freya and Freya Ultra come with an Aluminum outer, PC inner plate.

Valhalla Edition comes with a PC outer & FR4 inner plate.


Keyboard Specs


68% (Freya), 68% + left column (Freya Ultra)

PCB type

1.2mm, Hot-swap, ANSI layout. Supports 2.4Ghz, Bluetooth or wired connection. Supports touch screen knob module. With or without flexcuts, depending on customer's choice. Freya Ultra Tri-mode PCB supports slider module.

PCB type

1.2mm, Solder, ANSI & ISO layout, without flexcuts. Supports 2.4Ghz, Bluetooth or wired connection. Does not support douch screen knob module. Freya Ultra wired PCB does not support slider module.

Bluetooth Version

Bluetooth 5.3

Maximum connected devices


Typing angle

6.5 degrees

Static protection


VIA support



The bezel color is the same as case color, the dial face frame is gold by default

RGB support

On Tri-mode PCBs only


1588g (Freya), 2042g (Freya Ultra)


WS Stabs v3.1 included

Screen lens

33.75 x 33.22

LCD screen diameter


LCD screen resolution

390 x 390px

FPS (Upper limit)


Image refresh time

42 - 51ms

Quality Control Standards

Please read this document to see what type of quality control standards will apply to the Zoom65 v2.5


Since there are so many variations, many of the images provided on the product page are renders and are for display purposes only. The renders are given to provide an idea to what the final product will look like. The physical product may have some differences. Please also refer to the prototype's photos as reference before purchasing.

The delivery estimates and production timeline provided on this page are and Wuque Studio's best estimates at the moment. A delay can happen at any stage of the process due to a multitude of reasons beyond our control. 

Freya Videos