S65 & S80 V2

Round 2

Top mount 65% and 80% keyboards with a big, beautiful screen!

The first round was a small batch, low limit group buy that took place last December. After delivering all units, Sam's Studio is back with another round with a higher limit and a few changes through user feedback.

Please join the SAM MK discord server if you have any questions

NEW! 2u x 2u keycaps added to the group buy. 

See below for more details.




A very unique layout that borrows from traditional 65%, F-row less TKL and adds it's own spin with a big 3.5" screen where the TKL cluster would be.


The S65 with the function row for those who prefer dedicated function keys, or just more keys in general.

3.5" IPS Screen

At the heart of S65 / S80 V2 is a big, beautiful 3.5" IPS screen with a resolution of 480 x 320px. 

The screen can work with hwinfo64 using their data screen. There's a matching plugin which will automatically load when booting.

Screen capabilities

The screen can show various PC metrics such as CPU, RAM, HDD, GPU actiity and temp. Network info such as usage rate, fan speed etc.

It can also show basic information such as location, time, date, weather forecast, volume etc.

You can theme the various information shown on the screen. There are presets but you can customize from scratch.

It can also display static images. It cannot display GIFs or videos or work as a secondary display.

Customizable layout

Both keyboards, both hot-swap and solder PCBs support split right shift, split backspace, stepped or normal caps lock, 6.25u or 7u bottom row. ISO or ANSII enter.

Plate Options

Both keyboards come with an FR4 plate by default. Additional Polycarbonate, POM, Aluminum or Carbon Fiber plates can be purchased separately.

Aluminum Weight

Both keyboards come with an external, Brass colored, anodized Aluminum weight with Sam's Studio logo engraved on it.

  • Group Buy Info

  • Group Buy Policies

Group buy runs from May 1 to May 20, 2023

Estimated to finish production around Q3, 2023 (July, August or September, 2023)

Please join the SAM MK discord server if you have any questions

Ocean Freight

Arrives to Canada via a ship. Takes 45-70 days in transit. This is the standard import method used in most keyboard / deskmat group buys. It's much cheaper than Air Express but takes much longer to arrive.

All units ordered via Ocean Freight are scheduled to ship out of Sam's Studio in Q3, 2023 and should arrive at Mech.land about 45-70 days later.

Air Express

Arrives to Canada via a cargo airplane, takes 7-15 days in transit. This import method is very expensive, as such some of the items brought over via Air Express have a markup added to cover the extra expenses

All units ordered via Air Express are scheduled to ship out of Sam's Studio around Q3, 2023 and are expected to arrive to us  7-15 days later.


You cannot combine Ocean Freight and Air Express items in the same order. Each individual order has to contain either all Ocean Freight or all Air Express items. This is because they arrive at different times

Please keep in mind the ETA is just our best guess according to the information provided by Sam's Studio. Unexpected issues and delays can happen at every stage of the process.


You cannot add any in-stock items to your order as we cannot guarantee its availability when the group buy is ready to ship.

You cannot combine this group buy order with a previous order as we cannot hold on to an order until the other one arrives.


You may modify your order until the group buy ends on May 20, 2023

Please send an email to help@mech.land from the email address associated with your order and list the changes you'd like to see made.


You may cancel your order and get a refund until the group buy ends on May 20, 2023

Please keep in mind we will deduct 4% of the total from the refund as we do not get the transaction fees back from our payment processor.


Any status updates pertaining to this group buy will be posted in the status updates page.

Please follow the instructions on the contact us page if you need to change your address before the group buy ships.

2990000 %
S65 Keyboard Kit [Group Buy]

Depending on lighting conditions and manufacturing process, Actual colors may be slightly different / more / less saturated in real life compared to renders and photographs. Please see the Color Reference graphic at the bottom of this page for more information

$299.00 USD
🟡 Order combination / modification policy changed significantly recently.

3290000 %
S80 Keyboard Kit [Group Buy]


$329.00 USD
🟡 Order combination / modification policy changed significantly recently.

240000 %
S65 / S80 Add-ons [Group Buy]
$24.00 USD
100000 %
2u x 2u Keycaps [Group Buy]
$10.00 USD

2u x 2u keycaps in DSA profile. Commonly seen in POS terminals. The keycaps are made of ABS material, double-shot where legends are available.

These caps do not require a stabilizer. Perfect for your S65/S80 arrow cluster!

If you've already placed an order for S65/S80, please use code add-to-s65s80-order to get free shipping. Both the keycap order and your S65/S80 order will ship together.

You do not need to buy an S65/S80 to be able to order these. The ETA is the same as S65/S80.

Case color reference

Kit Contents

- Aluminum top & bottom case

- Solder or hot-swap PCB

- Daughterboard

- 3.5" IPS screen

- Aluminum external weight (Brass colored)

- FR4 plate

- PORON foam kit

- Screws and keyboard feet


- US: Keebforall

- US: Dangkeebs

- CA: Mech.land (You are here)

- UK: MechMods UK

- PH: Zion Studios

- EU: Deltakeyco

- AU: Prestige Keys

- TH: Gamingplanet

- NotFromSam


- Top mount design

- Supports split right shift, split backspace, ANSI or ISO enter, stepped or normal caps, WK or WKL, 6.25u or 7u bottom row options.

- Anodized aluminum external weight in Brass color.

- 7° Typing angle

- 1.6mm PCB. hot-swap or wired. Remap with web based configurator.

- S65 Dimensions: 390 x 125 x 20mm

- S65 weight (built): 2.5 KG

- S65 weight (Kit incl. box): 3.5 KG

- S80 Dimensions: 392 x 150 x 20mm

- S80 weight (built): 2.8 KG

- S80 weight (Kit incl. box): 4.0 KG

Screen Specifications

- 3.5" IPS screen with a resolution of 480 x 320. 

- Can work with HWinfo64 with their data engine. There is a matching plugin that automatically loads when booting.

- Can display PC metrics, weather, time, date, static images and more!

- Has preset themes and can create new, highly customizable themes

- Cannot display videos or GIFs.
- Only compatible with Windows.

Please join the SAM MK discord server if you have any questions


Please keep in mind the delivery / production estimate is just our best guess according to the information provided by Sam's Studio. Unexpected issues and delays can happen at every stage of the process.

The renders are for reference only. Please check the actual photos, color reference image and color chips on this page for a more accurate representation of what the final colors will look like.

We've tried including as many photos of actual units to give you a sense of the final colors. The factory will try their best to match the color chips pictured in this page, but even then there may be slight variations between what you see here and what the final unit will look like.


There may be tiny scratches or dents inside the keyboard case that are not visible when the keyboard is fully built. There may be tiny, slight blemishes in spots that are only seen in certain angles. These are normal and within the quality acceptance.

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