EPBT Winter Breath

A winter themed set produced by EPBT. Designed by MARS. Universe, this set was inspired by their favorite wildlife & nature photographer Julie Audet.

Whether it's July or December, this set will take you back to a snowy landscape just when you want to!

The group buy took place in during Christmas, 2021 and shipped to customers in winter, 2022.

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ePBT Winter Breath [In Stock]

All images other than kit renders and artisans are actual photographs.

MARS. Universe

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Aurora x Winter Breath

Themed Ikki68 Aurora R2

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Ikki68 Aurora Round 2 [In stock]

Wuque Studio

$109.00 USD$159.00 USD-31% OFF

THOK Artisan

Aluminum artisan with glow in the dark enamel fill

HIBI Artisan

Aluminum artisan with e-white coating and enamel fill

Aurora x WB

Matching Ikki68 Aurora R2.

Limited number of extras!