OA Switch GB ends on Oct 9 @ 4PM PST
OA Switch GB ends on Oct 9 @ 4PM PST
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Original Aspiration (OA) Switch [GB]
Original Aspiration (OA) Switch [GB]
Original Aspiration (OA) Switch [GB]
Original Aspiration (OA) Switch [GB]
Original Aspiration (OA) Switch [GB]
Original Aspiration (OA) Switch [GB]
Wuque Studio

Original Aspiration (OA) Switch [GB]

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October 9, 2020

Group buy ended. Switches should arrive at Mech.Land later this month. Extras will be available. Don't forget to enter the exclusive 3x Ikki68 Aurora giveaway if you've purchased OA switches.

1 quantity = 10 switches

Smooth linear switch made by JWK.

This is an unlimited group buy. It ends on Friday, October 9th at 4PM PST.

Switches are estimated to arrive at Mech.Land between Nov. 23 to Dec 8, about 30 - 45 days after the group buy ends.

Free local pickup in Toronto will be available.

Note: There are multiple giveaways related to the OA switch group buy. Scroll down for details.


  • 67g gold plated spring
  • Polycarbonate top housing
  • UHMWPE in bottom housing
  • POM stem
  • 5 pin PCB mount
  • No factory lube

Regional Proxies:


Please note that this is a group buy. Estimates are our best guesses, they're not guaranteed. Delays and setbacks may occur. DO NOT PURCHASE if you do not agree with the terms and conditions. 

Your payment method will be charged as soon as you place the order. There are no refunds or cancellation after the group buy ends. 

Mech.Land exclusive promotion

A random order will be refunded after the group buy ends and the switches will be sent for free! Upto 110 switches + shipping fees will be refunded.

You will automatically enter this giveaway by ordering OA switches at Mech Land.

Giveaway: OA Switch giveaway on Reddit & Discord

Wuque Studio will host 2-3 giveaways for these switches on Reddit and over at our Discord server during the group buy. No purchase necessary. Keep an eye out for the reddit posts and discord pings!

Giveaway: Ikki68 Aurora giveaway

Wuque Studio is giving away THREE free Ikki68 Aurora in celebration of the OA Switch group buy launch! Anyone who joins the OA switch GB through any of the proxies will be qualified to enter. 

Instructions on how to join the Ikki68 Aurora giveaway


If you haven't seen the IC post, it's a gasket mounted, polycarbonate 68% with multiple dampening pads and split spacebar support. More details on the Ikki68 Aurora here

Group Buy

What is a group buy?

Keyboard.University has an excellent write up on group buys related to mechanical keyboards. 

In short and (overly) simple terms, think of them as pre-orders. The process goes something like this:

  • Vendors / proxies (like Mech.Land) collects orders and payments from customers (like you).
  • The payments collected from customers get transferred to manufacturers.
  • Manufacturer begins production. This process can take weeks to months. Our estimate is 45 - 60 days for OA Switches.
  • Once production is complete, the manufacturer sends out the product to vendors / proxies
  • Vendors / proxies ship out the product to customers.

When will my group buy order ship?

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Are group buy delivery date estimates 100% solid?

The estimates are just that, estimates. Best guesses. Sometimes unexpected things happen that causes a delay. In some rare cases products get delivered before the ETA.

Can I cancel my group buy order?

You can cancel your group buy order and get a full refund until the group buy ends. Once it ends there will be no refunds or cancellations. 

When will I be billed?

Your payment method will be charged as soon as you place your order. 

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You can cancel your group buy order and get a full refund until the group buy ends. Once it ends there will be no refunds or cancellations. 

For in-stock items, you can cancel your order until it ships. 

Can I return an item?

Sorry, there are no returns or refunds once you've received your order. If you receive an item in damaged / defective conditions contact us ASAP and we'll make it right.

Local Pickup

Do you offer local pickup?

Yes, if you are in Toronto, ON!

Please visit this page for more details on local pickup options for OA Switches


What shipping method do you use to ship within Canada:

We use Canada Post for most of Ontario and Québec.

We use Stallion Express, a shipping third party to ship to all other provinces and territories. Their rates are far cheaper than Canada Post direct. They mostly use Canada Post, but they also other companies like UPS, Purolator etc. to ship.

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What shipping method do you use to ship to USA?

We use Stallion Express, which in turn uses USPS to ship to USA. They're a shipping third party based in Toronto. We drop off our US bound packages to Stallion Express, they drive these packages across the border to Niagara Falls NY and then ship them within the US using USPS. 

Their fees are very affordable and that's why we can afford such competitive shipping rates to USA.

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